Thursday, November 12, 2015

Using a Table Mat Pattern

In October 2013, I made this blouse using motifs from a table mat pattern. The pattern came from a magazine called MAGIC CROCHET. The magazines were gifts from Linda, a crochet friend from the US. I used 2 types of yarn, both from the Turkish yarn shop, Yarn Paradise. I originally planned to make a skirt. However, the shaping was not sufficient for a skirt made up of motifs. So I made a blouse instead. The blouse is very simple, just motifs joined together with a slit in the centre for the neck. I would like to continue using the Magic Crochet magazines. I would also like to re-design this blouse. It is very large and loose and shapeless. It can be quite nice to wear but this construction needs a much better and more interesting pattern design. There were plenty of distractions at that time - the big earthquake in October and the powerful typhoon in November.