Sunday, November 8, 2015

Irish Crochet Motifs on Fabric

This is a work in progress which I started with Irish crochet motifs. The motifs are worked in crochet cotton size 10 and padding cord in crochet cotton size 8 in several strands. In the beginning I wanted to use these motifs to decorate the back of a crocheted sleeveless top, but decided against that. The garment appeared too heavy. So I got some fabric - one is sheer organza and the other is gauze diaper. The gauze diaper fabric is most intriguing. I am now using that with the Irish crochet motifs. Work is coming along very slowly.

If you are interested in Irish crochet, you may look at some work I have done earlier on Crochetology, this is Trippletimber 2 (with pattern and photo-tutorial) and A Blackberry Design (an antique pattern).